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News/Project Updates


Available on DVD NOW!


The Kalmans, a proper British, "non-practicing" Jewish family, think they are hiring an au pair for their two young children. Hoping for a real life Mary Poppins, the family is in for a shock when the au pair who turns up on their doorstep is DOVID MEYER, a 13 year old Chassidic Israeli boy! An award-winning, faith-based film from 26entertainment. Directed by Rabbi Moshe Mones.


Forgotten Heroes - the book

Expected Release:  late Summer 2016


Writer/Director Jim Huggins has signed a publishing deal for the novelization of the screenplay of New Shepherd Films' upcoming feature "Forgotten Heroes".  Expected to be released this summer, the book will be available at Barnes&Noble and all other retailers nationwide in hard cover, paperback, and ebook.  Autographed copies will, of course, be available direct from New Shepherd Entertainment!


Upcoming Projects

In Development


Our production company, New Shepherd Films, is please to announce it has acquired both the film and book rights to "The Christmas Express" from screenwriter Paul Morin!  Mr. Morin's story is a wonderful exploration of faith as seen through the eyes of a child.  Production plans for the film are being developed and the novelization of this tender yet powerful Christmas story is underway.  Both will be available here first through New Shepherd Entertainment!


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